Apply for a home

Click here to place an application on an available property.

You will have a decision on your application within 2-3 business days. We must obtain employment and previous rental verification, this can delay approvals.


Deposits are used to hold a unit, as such we no longer market any property that has a deposit on it.

  1. For housing voucher residents, see below guidance

  2. For self-pay residents, first month payment must be paid within 30 days (weekend and business days included)

Failure to follow the above policy can/will result in your deposit being forfeited.

Once tenant moves in the deposit is transferred from a holding deposit to a security deposit. Security deposits are reimbursed at the time a resident vacates the property with an expired lease. Deposits may be held for damages.

Section 8/Housing Voucher/Subsidized Rent

If you receive any form of subsidized rent, you have 7 days (to include business and weekends), to provide Three Pillars, in writing with your caseworker's contact information (name & number). You must provide your housing packet to us within 7 days as well. Failure to provide this information or being uncooperative will result in your deposit being forfeited.