Got Questions? We have answers!

Why should I choose this company to manage my property?

Our approach is unique, we are in-field for most of the day to ensure properties are well-maintained and to ensure tenants are comfortable in their homes.

We offer this service at a reasonable price point to allow our owners to maximize their Return on Investment. We strive to make each, and every owner feel as though their properties(property) are our only portfolio- meaning personalized touch, attention to detail and service are our aim! We can say with confidence, that we aim high and achieve our goals with both owners and tenants!

What are our hours operation?

Hours: 9-5pm EST.

We believe the best property management solution is to put eyes on our properties. Instead of managing the properties from behind a desk, our property managers are in field for most of the day.

We are typically in field from 9am-2pm.

We typically return to the office around 2pm.

However, we are reachable via email all-day.

Phone calls will be answered throughout the day; however, if we miss your call, we will return calls during our office hours (2pm-5pm)

How do we find tenants for properties?

We will advertise the property on many websites- MLS, (Zillow, Trulia, Hot Pads) and social media (Facebook) sites. We typically will receive responses within 24 hours. A property that is correctly priced, typically receives 10-20 inquires per day.

In addition, we have past tenants and referrals who we keep a database with their contact information and housing requirements- we run our database against the current property’s characteristics to determine if there is a match to fill the vacancy.

How long does it take to get a property rented?

This varies on the area, pricing and demand. A property that is priced well- can have a turnaround of a couple weeks. The key to ensuring your property has a quick turnaround is to price the property competitively and ensure the condition of the home is superior. Our average timespan was From January 2017 to June 2018- was 13 days. Our quickest was 2 days. Our longest was 4 weeks.

What are the fees?

$125 per month or 7% of rent. Whichever is LEAST.

Are there any other fees?

50% of 1st month's rent ($700 minimum)

$45 inspection fee (you [property owner] determine how often)

How do we keep our fees so low?

We keep our overhead low. Advocate for our managers to be in field, which allows us to reduce our cost in the office. This equals a more direct touching point for our tenants and owners in the field. And reduces in the office cost. We believe this strengthens our relationship with tenants and secures our property owners investments.

Will hiring a Property Manager save me money?

In most cases, yes! We typically find that we can increase rent and reduce rent delinquency and provide a quick turnaround of vacate units.

Which cities/counties do we serve?

Anne Arundel Co, Baltimore City/Co., Charles Co., Howard Co., Montgomery Co., Prince George Co.

What does a Property Manager do?

1. Evaluates the property for interior & exterior recommendations to increase rent and to ensure property is well-maintained throughout the rental cycle.

2. Determines the rental amount

3. Prepares the home for rent (Clean, Optimize and Manicure both interior and exterior)

4. Markets the property on various platforms. Interacts with real estate professionals to find a desirable tenant(s).

5. Screens tenants

6. Draws up a legal binding lease agreement.

7. Reviews lease obligations

8. Rent collection

9. Evictions – file paperwork to initiate and coordinate the process. Luckily, our screen process rarely requires us to go to this process. 😊

Does the Property Owner lose control of their property once they hire a Property Manager?

No. We work for the owners. Our written property management agreement/contract sets the parameters on the limits our company can operate with your property.

How can I find out what is going on with my property?

You will receive prompt communication regarding your property when there are any changes or decision points. In addition, you will have access to an owner’s online portal. You can view your property’s financials, tasks and any maintenance request.

Who holds the security deposit?

Our company will hold the security deposit (however, owners can elect to old the deposit). In compliance with Maryland law, the tenant’s security deposit is kept in an interest-bearing escrow account until move-out.

Do we work with Housing Authorities?

Yes. If an owner is interested in accepting Section 8 or housing vouchers, we will work with the HA to get the property inspected and ready to accept housing vouchers.

How long have we been working in property management?

We are owned and operated by three (3) property investors. We started property management in 2010. We offered services to the military and DoD civilians that were being PCS’d or TDY’d (relocated). In 2016, we began offering services to everyone at a reasonable and competitive price.

How many homes do we manage?

To date, we manage 100-120 properties. We believe in slow growth so that we can continue to focus on providing superior and intimate property management services for both our property owners and tenants.

How many employees?

We have 3 property managers and 2 maintenance technicians.

How do we handle maintenance?

For small routine maintenance needs (clog toilets, small leaks, drywall patches, painting), our in-house maintenance staff will complete the work at a reasonable rate.

For larger projects/renovations- we will contract the work out to our partnering contractor company.

Can I use my own contractors?

Yes. We will coordinate repairs however the owner wants.

How do we handle evictions?

We will handle the eviction from start to finish.

How much does an eviction cost? Approx $800. Prices vary on county.

*All areas (except Baltimore City) have additional fees to arrange for movers. Mover fees will depend upon the sheriff’s determination of the number of movers needed.

Each mover is $60.

Typically, a 1-2 bedroom will require 10 movers, 3-bedrooms will require 15, 4-bedroom will require 20 movers.

Other fees- locksmith for $125. New lock- $35

*Fees are subject to change

How often will I hear from my Property Manager?

Each property owner can decide how often they would like to hear from our property managers. Some owners will want to our Property Managers to call every time something occurs with their property and others would like for us to handle it without getting them involved. You simply, let your Property Manager know what your expectations and the method of communication (email, phone, text), and we are happy to accommodate.

Can I reach you after hours?

Our maintenance staff is available 24/7; however, our office hours are 9am to 5pm. We try our best to respond via email to non-emergencies after hours.

What do I need to do to get started with getting my property managed?

Call *443-588-5777 or email (info@threepillarsproperties.com) us, we are happy to welcome you to the Three Pillars Property Management family!